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Joto's Pizza... Your Friends,Your Neighbors

No one would have expected a young couple from rural Wisconsin to sell everything to move to Florida only to start one of the most recognized local pizza chains in Pinellas County! It all began on January 22, 1974, when Fred and Carol Zinda opened their first pizza restaurant in Pinellas Park with only 5 employees. Over the next 40+ years, the Zinda family has grown and Joto’s Pizza has evolved into a favorite destination for many local residents. With Joto’s on Park Boulevard in Seminole and Joto’s on Belcher Road in PInellas Park / South Largo, the Zinda's and their extended family currently operate two locations providing excellent service in a casual, family-friendly environment.


Stop by any Joto’s Pizza and you will notice that we are still a family business. You will find that the name "Joto" is derived from Fred and Carol's daughters, Jodi (Jo) and Tori (To). Both daughters are full-time associates in the business, working in various capacities, and their husbands, Steve and Brent, handle the daily operations on site at each of the restaurants. You will see Fred and Carol’s grandchildren sporting their “Joto’s shirts” for advertising campaigns, community parades or simply for the frames on the walls in each location.


But we're far more than your favorite local restaurant. We are your friends, your neighbors and, as a both a business and a family, we are active participants in your local community with involvement in events such as:



and Active Participants in Your Community!

School lunch programs

School and Church Carnivals

Youth Sport Team Sponsorships

Donations to Charity Events' Silent Auctions and Raffles

Local "Team of the Month" Parties

School and Church PIzza Days / Give-Back Nights

Community Parades

Summer or Holiday Camp Lunches



In addition to the sponsorship and community events listed above, the Joto's Family has a special place in their hearts for All Children's Hospital (ACH) and concentrates their own fundraising efforts on one major event each year. In honor of Brent and Tori's daughter, the "Dough for the Kids Golf Classic" was initiated in 2004 to help raise money for ACH via the Rachel M. Thrower Memorial. With heartfelt thanks and the amazing support of family, friends, and business colleagues, that single annual event has raised a cumulative amount over $350,000 as presented by Joto's Pizza and the Rachel M. Thrower Memorial at each year's telethon.


So don't hesitate...come by and meet your Joto's Pizza family.  We look forward to making some new friends.




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